General / 29 October 2019

Dad Sketches 4

Dad sketches are sticky note sketches I've been doing to sneak into my son's lunch every day.
This installment of "dad sketches" features our pain in the ass puppy Algae. The first one was inspired by a recent story sequence by Lynn Chen I saw here on Artstation. She's awesome if you haven't seen her stuff.  The second one was when our pup had Kennel Cough last year.  Algae had a phase when she loved chewing on us and it was really irritating so that's where the third one came from.  Four and five where right after we got her and my poor son had to go to school instead of playing with her. Number six was made last year when the June bugs swarmed our yard and Algae was gorging herself on their crunchy bodies to the horror and disgust of my son.