General / 16 February 2018


I had a few minutes to doodle a few days ago and as I sat with my pencil in my hand poised above a blank page of my drawing pad that familiar sensation of panic settled over me. What should I draw? I shook it off like usual and the first thing that came to mind was "cat". So I tried to draw a cat character without any forethought or reference. It was horrendous. It looked more like rabbit with short ears than a cat. It was cute but it completely lacked something that communicated "cat". I immediately identified this as one of those moments of realization that accompanies growth as an artist, or designer. So I pulled up some cat photos on my phone and sketched one. 

After sketching this cat I thought about the handful of unique traits that cats have.  Since I had been planning to do some style experiments anyway with rats, I decided to do it with cats instead. I found that If you hit one or two of those traits it almost doesn't matter what you do with the character, it'll feel mostly cat-like. I'll post some more rats later too but for now here are some cats.